Why Do I Write?

Tam1You’d be amazed at how many time’s I’ve been asked that question, or one of its many variants, such as, “Why do you write about vampires?”

My answer to the title question is probably the same as most of my fellow authors. I write because I have to, because if I don’t express on paper the ideas running through my mind, they’ll stay there and fester, unresolved and unsatisfied. My need to create is the driving force of my life, and my greatest satisfaction comes from watching others enjoy my work. That applies not only to my writing, but in the many other creative endeavors I’ve dabbled in throughout my life.

But why vampires? I was raised by a devotedly spiritual family, and have very strong beliefs. Most of them don’t understand why I have such a fascination with romance and the macabre. What would possess me? How can I turn my back on Faith to write such questionable material? My reason for writing about vampires is simple, though understandably curious. I write about them because it’s what I do. As for my family, if they read my work, they’d understand.

In truth, I had a hard time in the beginning reconciling my beliefs with my fascination with all things vampire. It wasn’t until Jason, one of my lead characters, whispered the answers in my ear that I understood. He told me of the Community and how it was formed, and when I understood the connection, it filled me with peaceful acceptance. My stories are not about vampires and sex. There is a lot more written in the plots. I finally revealed the truth to my readers in Haven’s King, Haven’s Realm’s fourth story.

I was able to blend Christianity and Greek Mythology in my modern vampire culture, bring the Powers together in a way that defined the Community in a way unheard of until now. I keep vulgarity and harsh language out of the prose, leaving behind the beauty and poetry that has had many of my readers sighing in reflection. I’ve created a series of works you can curl up with and get lost in, a set of enduring characters you’ll come to care for, and enough suspense and drama to keep you turning pages.

Why do I write? Because it is my gift. My talent. I write in hopes of bringing others joy, of providing them with the perfect escape when reality hits too hard. Reading has been my lifelong joy. Being able to write, and to pass my work on to you, my cherished readers, has turned that joy into a passion that I sometimes have no control over.

How long will this last? How many books will there be in the Haven’s Realm saga? I’m afraid only time will tell. With book five in the home stretch and six already clamoring for attention, I can promise only that it will not end soon.

Respectfully submitted,

Tamara Monteau


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