Poking My Head Out

I did it again, didn’t I? I sank into the Realm and got lost. I’m sure you’re all wondering what happened to me. Well, I’ll tell you–Trey happened. The big guy grabbed me by the short hairs, and I’ve been pinned down ever since.

I suppose I should start where I left off. I fully intended to go to market after finishing Christian’s story, but with the holidays approaching, I had very little time. (Life happens!) I purchased a new copy of the Writer’s Market and started making a list of prospective agents, but after reading the supporting articles, the process became overwhelming. My dear hubs volunteered to take me to a writer’s conference in Atlanta, so I decided to wait and further my education. That’s when Trey started growling.

It takes experience to learn the art–I guess you would consider it an art–of communicating with a publisher. Sometimes their subtle responses slip past my understanding. I’m going to attempt again to contact the house I approached before with my first novel, and offer them the last. This particular publisher feels to me like a good fit for Haven’s Realm, but the editor who responded asked to see new work. I took that to mean she wouldn’t consider my back list. Silly me. Well, now I have nine completed works, three of those titles not previously published, and I’m going to try and get it right this time.

I know you’ve probably given up on me by now. If you haven’t, I applaud your tenacity. I continually find myself thanking you for your patience. The hubs threatened to pull the plug on my best friends. It’s “shit or get off the pot” time, as Mom would say. I will hit send…

repeat after me, Tam–you will hit send, you will hit send…

…by the start of next week. I had to contact the publisher (I won’t say their name and risk jinxing myself) for guidance and must wait for a response and act on it. The hubs will start his final read-through tonight. He’s my logic reader. A copy is also in the hands of my favorite beta reader.

I find myself bracing for the possibility of acceptance. I remember well how much stress I went through when I signed on with Secret Cravings and met the task of publishing four books in two years. It’s an incredibly detailed process, in many ways more challenging than writing or working up the nerve to submit, and if Haven’s Realm is accepted, publishing nine titles will make me a very busy woman for much longer. I’m looking forward with a careful smile and the hope that I can handle it.

I have posted a new article on my website describing my latest book. I hope you’ll take the time to learn more about the Demon Chief while I attempt to make him public. I’m sure there will be a wait, but he’ll definitely be worth it.

Warmest regards,

Tamara Monteau, Author

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