Tamara Monteau – Author of Haven’s Realm

Tam1I was born and raised in southwestern Washington State, and grew up with simple values and expectations. My favorite escape, even as young as eight, was the adventure to be found between the covers of a well-written book. I’ve always had a vivid imagination, and was happiest left on my own to think through my favorite fantasies. That slender, lonely looking child wandering the playground alone among her classmates all those years ago wasn’t lonely–she was lost in her own world.

My life has not been uneventful, nor has it been exceptionally exciting. Unable to find a job in my preferred profession–secretary–I joined the Air Force not too long after graduation. I met my husband and soul-mate, Mike, while at my first duty station–McCord AFB. We transferred to Sembach AB in Germany and married a few short months later. I remember my welcome briefing, and the Technical Sergeant who advised we would be returning to the States with one of three things: A new spouse, a new baby, or a cuckoo clock. Not to be outdone by anyone, I returned with all three!

We built our family during an extended assignment at Barksdale AFB in Bossier City, LA. After I departed the military, Mike allowed me to relax and fill the role of full-time mommy and military wife. He went on to complete a distinguished career, winning numerous awards and decorations, and gaining the admiration of Generals for his straightforward, outside the box thinking.

Being an Air Force wife isn’t always easy, as anyone who has played the role can tell you. I endured numerous deployments, keeping track of the home-front and always focused Daddy’s return. I delivered his only son while he was deployed in support of Desert Shield/Storm. I made the separations easier on our four children by making paper chains with the number of days he’d be gone, and each night after dinner we removed a link. He deployed many times in support of Desert Focus and Southern Watch.

In 1992, not long after the end of the short-lived Dark Shadows Revival, I picked up a pen and note pad, and began writing. My first computer soon followed, and the author in me was released. I finished my first novel, and changed my focus to a short magazine series. My imagination had exploded and was running full tilt. Then life happened.

Mike received orders for an unaccompanied year in Korea in 1994. I lost my mother, sold my house, and moved my family to Warner Robins during that year. All things writing disappeared in a ten-year wave of necessity. Finally, in 2003, my muse could stand no more, and I took up my mental pen. I never imagined then I could possibly take Haven’s Realm this far. No, wait, I have that backward, because there have been many times when I couldn’t help but wonder if my imagined friends aren’t holding the reins. Jason and his Community continue to keep me company, and as long as they don’t go silent, I’ll write their tales.

Mike has retired now and works for Cascade Corporation as a machinist. I quit the professional world to spend a few final, precious years with my growing children, and now that my home has grown silent, I’m amazed at how much I still have to do. Whoever said staying home is easier than working never stayed home. I have two small poodles for daytime company, one old man and a little girl who’s been given the nickname, “Hard Headed Little Shit.” She is ten months old at the time of this writing, and an endless source of amusement.

So, this is me, just an ordinary person with an active imagination. I present to you my family of vampires, and hope you enjoy your journey into Haven’s Realm.

Respectfully submitted,

~Tamara Monteau


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