Working My Way Back!

I know I’ve said this before, but after three years playing with Haven’s Realm, I’m close to submission stage. All of my eight books are polished, the synopses written, and my website updated. Just two more files and a timeline issue to resolve, and I’ll be ready to reach out and find a publisher.

The saga has evolved, and the rewrites are definitely worth another read. My writing style has greatly improved, if my beta readers are any indication. The attention to detail I’ve been credited for is much more apparent, even in the earliest works — or maybe especially in the earliest novels. Cultural details I was not aware of when the first books were published have been corrected, making each story stand better on its own.

Wish me luck, my cherished readers. Maybe my next post will be entitled, “I’m Back!”

Respectfully submitted,

~ Tamara Monteau